1870 or before> The family business was to produce and to sell wax with the Kaneichi brand name.
1880 Katsunosuke, at the age of 18, establishes “Yamamoto Katsunosuke Syoten”, a retailer of products from the home village.
1886 Started a trade with Nakata Seibei, the pharmaceutical giant of Etchu(Toyama). Develops markets of pharmaceutical natural products.
1890's Started Shuro rope business Because of its toughness and long life, Shuro rope from Nokami valley, met the demand from mariners and fishermen and expanded its market country wide.
Social service activities started.
* Donation for social infrastructure such as road, railway, sea port, networking system.
* Donation for victims of natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, storm.
* Financial contribution for patients and disabled.
* Aid for widows and orphans.
* Donation for Buddhist temples, shrines and schools.
* Donation for tree plantation.
1900's Founded “Kishu Shuro Tokyo Loading Association” aiming at benefiting colleague entrepreneurs and development of the local industry. Started trade by credit.
1906 Established Kakumangi forest plantation.
1900 to 1910's Started to import Shuro raw materials from China in order to meet its production needs.
Invested in plantation of Sansho, Peach, Cinnamon, Persimmon, Laurel.
1912 Completion of Kakumangi plantation.
1913 Launch of “Nokami Practical Railway” (later knows as Nokami Electric Railay) for enhancement of distribution of Shuro products.
1910's Invented “Shuro rope production machine with pedaling system.”
1917 Invented advanced rope production machine.
1920's Started to import palm shell fibers from India and Sri Lanka in order to meet its production needs.
1928 Distributed 200,000 free copies of “Clue for Saving Money” and “Successful and Unsuccessful Persons” around the country.
1931 Kinsuke inherited the business.
1939 Katsunosuke died at the age 78.
1959 Bronze statue of Katsunosuke was built at Tatsumi local community center.
1950's or after

After WWII, Shuro was taken over by plastic materials.
Shuro brush gave way to chemical sponge, and Shuro broom to vacuum cleaner.

The traditional local industry declines.

Kinsuke was appointed as President Director of Nokami Electric Railway.
Yuzo inherited the family business.
1985 Kinsuke died.
1994 Nokami Electric Railways closed.
2006 Yuzo died. His three daughters inherited the family business.

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